Config file backup with GIT

5 minute read

At work I’ve stumbled across the problem to save configuration files of some Linux servers I am administrating. Since I am a developer I am familiar to GIT a...

Fixing automatic sleep on OSX 10.10+

7 minute read

Automatic suspend to RAM (aka sleep or energy saving) has always been problematic on my wife’s iMac: Her iMac did not go to sleep mode on idle or woke up acc...

Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 on a Macbook Air 2014

4 minute read

I’ve recently got this Macbook as a replacement for my Macbook Pro 2012. After falling in love with Ubuntu on a Macbook (great OS on great hardware!), I’ve d...

Regular expressions in ABAP

1 minute read

Regular expressions is a common technique to parse or validate strings in various programming languages.

Jekyll on OSX

1 minute read

While Jekyll and its dependencies can be easily installed in Linux, Mac OSX and Windows need some more work to get a local Jekyll running.